The 2014 civic solves the worlds problems

So to help show off the redesigned civic coupe Honda has decided to make a commercial for it. Fine, that’s what a car company does. Here’s my problem with it. It starts out with a bunch of young people talking about how there are a lot of bad things going on in the world “today” (make note of that word). In one commercial there is a song at the beginning about it. Then the scene flashes to a montage of the civic being driven with the people who earlier talked about today being bad who are now saying “today is actually pretty good”. Lets think about this. Just a few seconds earlier there were videos of over crowding. landfills, and other various disturbing things. Now all of the sudden because of a new car, today is a good day. Honda is trying to assert that the new civic creates balance in a world of overwhelming problems.

Heres the way they should have done the “today is actually pretty good” premise. The should have started out by showing the various drivers of the cars having a bad day. Like spilling coffee or missing an alarm. Then it shows them driving the car with a smile on their face. This would imply that the acting of driving a car on a bad day makes the day good because of how fun it is to drive. It’s hard for me to put into words how mismatched the comparisons Honda has chosen are. I don’t think that any starving Africans days have become good because of the creation of a new car, but somehow that’s what Honda wants their commercial to convey.


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